Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Mapping Gentrification

In recent years, Amsterdam Nieuw-West transformed from a problematic neighbourhood into a popular hotspot in the city. The series of posters that i designed show the origins and consequences of this transformation. While the complete series shows the general evolution, each individual poster gives a more detailed image of specific step in the proces. Where needed, digital maps were created to show the data in an animated way.

This project was inspired by an alerting text by Roel Griffioen featured in rekto:verso (march 2014) and De correspondent (10 september 2014).

Visual Journalism

Self Initiated

Urbanism: Gentrification

This map shows all burglaries in the borough Amsterdam Nieuw-West during 2014 by date.

Thomas Roelens | Amsterdam Noord-West | Overview

Chronological overview of the different steps in the process of gentrification.

Thomas Roelens | Amsterdam Noord-West | Detail

Data on all the different types of land-use were gathered and is distincted by color.