A magazine about the art of collecting.

The magazine was an all-encompassing project in wich I was responsible for all the editing, photography and art-direction. The high proportion, distinctive typography and earth tones combined with bright accents colors and distinctive typography give it a humanistic yet contemporary feel. The images and pullquotes do not simply illustrate the collections and works that are reviewed but give insight in the references and links that shaped them.

Editorial Design



Thomas Roelens | Collected | Frontcover

The cover shows a picture of these greek, hellenistic statue and reflects on the decay of the body vs immortality.

Thomas Roelens | Collected | Inside
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The combination and juxtaposition of different elements not only makes the text intelligeble but also interpretable.

Thomas Roelens | Collected | Bijlage
Thomas Roelens | Collected | Bijlage Detail

In addition to the magazine, an annex was created that tweaks the original grid. The high density of content demanded a clear typographic distinction.

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