A voice that cuts trough the noise

Leica has a history in photo journalism, so as the position of journalism shifts so does the company. Each month, the calendar focuses on an important event from the last decade. Every single day is represented by a picture found on social media thus representing the information society. Meanwhile, at the center of the calendar an image of that same event is shown, but this time taken by a Leica photographer. This picture only reveals itself completely at the end of the month and adds context and specifications. The juxtaposition reflects on topicality vs contemplation, quantity vs quality. 

Product Design


Photo Journalism

Thomas Roelens | Leica | Frame

Images of the Fukushima disaster. The outside border contains images that were made by civilians and posted on Twitter. At the center we see a picture by Magnum photographer Alex Webb.

Thomas Roelens | Leica | Day
Thomas Roelens | Leica | Month

The bigger picture only reveals itself at the end of the month and is accompanied by context and specifications

Thomas Roelens | Leica | Month II