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Relating the seemingly unrelated

For the academic art library of Sint-Lukas Brussels I designed a novel user interface that takes a new approach at searching and exploring the libary’s collection with the support of a redesigned information architecture. The new system not only allows users to search for a specified document, topic or maker but also enables them to explore the collection based on the connection between these three entities. This facilitates different types of information behaviour ranging from goal oriented searches to serendipitous discoveries.

Information Architecture
UI Design

St-Lukas Brussels Academic Library

Information Behaviour

Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Overview

document page
The column structure corresponds to the different levels of related content.

Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Overview
Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Overview
Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Overview

visualisation of original database
26 591 isolated documents
+300 different metatags

Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Letter

original database meta-data

Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Presentation

The redesigned information architecture simplified the numerous properties into 3 categories of nodes that are linked trough searchable relationships.

Thomas Roelens | Zeewaar | Presentation Detail

example: Network of a topic
At the center we see the topic "Information Design" surrounded by all the documents that relate to this topic and furthermore all of the makers and collaborators that published in this field.