A navigation Strategy

rekto:verso is a magazine on art critique that bridges the gap between specialists literature and topicality. It conducted a study in 2014 to formulate a vision for the online magazine. My prototype outlined these opposing viewpoints and mapped the structural relationship between them.
The comment section of each article was transformed into an alternative version of the article itself where users could add content and criticise paragraphs. This way the website activates the content rather than archive it.

User Interface


Art Criticism

Thomas Roelens | Rekto:Verso I

The homepage gives the user immediately the choice to filter by publication and category.

Thomas Roelens | Rekto Verso II

By sliding downwards the user goes deeper into the content. Sideway slides allow to skip trough the articles.

Thomas Roelens | Rekto:Verso III

While reading the articles the user is given two options

A tool that allows him to edit the article.

An alternate version of the article with all edits made in the past.

Thomas Roelens | Rekto:Verso IV

Users can either add content (green) or flag content (red). All of his adjustments will be taken into account when generating the synthese version.

Thomas Roelens | Rekto:Verso V

In the final synthese version all adjustments are displayed in a word-cloud. This way we can see wich paragraphs were controversial and wich keywords were flagged multiple times.